How to use tukmaria seeds

Tukmaria seeds are a very versatile product. They can be used in many recipes, drinks, desserts and even in cakes as a binding agent.

You can mix them, whole or partial (as per your needs), in muesli, yogurts, salads, smoothies, soup, pasta dishes etc. The seeds ground (or even whole, in some cases) can replace an amount of flour in recipes for bread, biscuits or cakes.
In some recipes, you can use tukmaria as a replacement for eggs.

Tukmaria seeds, unlike linseed, need not be cooked or ground to take advantage of their nutrients, which can  easily be digested.
Soak the seeds in cold or hot water for about an hour before use to puff them up.

Suggestion: mix a tablespoon of tukmaria seeds to 250 ml of water and let them soak. Wait 15-20 minutes. Mix with lemon juice or fruit shakes for extraordinary taste.

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