Drinks with tukmaria

Refreshment with tukmaria

500ml of filtered water
3 tablespoons of tukmaria seeds or chia seeds
lemon juice q.b.
sweetener (optional)

Mix the seeds in water and let stand for a few minutes. Add the lemon juice to taste.
If you want, add a sweetener to your taste, cool down or add some ice before drinking.


Oat Milk with Tukmaria

50g oat grains
1.2 litres of filtered water
2 tablespoons tukmaria seeds

Recipe for Soymilk Maker

Soak the grains for about 6 hours. Then, wash them well and put them into the soya milk maker. Add the water and the seeds. Set the "Soymilk" program and run it.
When the program is over, use the seeve that comes with your milk maker to separate the milk from the pulp. Your drink is now ready to use.

Suggestion: you can use this pulp to make burgers or croquettes.

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