Tukmaria recipes

Bread with gojis and tukmaria

500ml water
200g oat flakes
550g white wheat flour
2 tablespoons goji berries
2 tablespoons tukmaria seeds
2 tablespoons maca powder
2 tablespoons grated coconut
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
20g baker's yeast

Add tukmaria seeds into the water and oil, and let hydrate about 10 minutes until they form a gelatinous gel. Then add the oat flakes, flour and yeast. Add the maca powder, goji berries and coconut, and knead well. Let rise about 1 hour. Then bake in a greased form with the format you want.

Suggestion: You can easily prepare this recipe in a bread machine, in a program for regular bread.

Millet and tukmaria soup

2 tablesponns millet
80g pumpkin
1 carrot
1 small beet
2 cabbage leaves
1 small leek slice (5cm)
2 tablespoons tukmaria seeds
extra virgin olive oil q.b.
sea salt q.b.

Recipe for Soymilk Maker

Cut the vegetables into small pieces and put them inside the machine jar. Add the millet. Add filtered water to the maximum level of 1.2 liters. Choose the program "Soup" and start the machine.
When the program finishes, grind the soup using the program "Fruit / Vegetable Juice". When the fruit/vegetable juice is also over, season with salt to taste and add a little olive oil. Add tukmaria seeds, mix well and serve.

Foodballs with okara and tukmaria

cupof tukmaria or chia seeds
cupokara(pulpresultingfrom thepreparationofsoymilk)
1small onion

Mixtheonion,breadcrumbsand tukmaria seeds.Addtheokara,saltandarrowrootflour.Mix welland addthechoppedparsley.
If the mixtureistoo runny,addbreadcrumbs,if it is verycompact, addsoy milkor water.
Make balls with the mixture and bringthemto fryingorbakingin the oven.Servewithtomatosauce andaccompanied bypastaandsalad.

Tip:Make a large dose of balls and freeze them before frying or baking.Sowhenyou haveless timeto cook, justfry or bake them in a few minutes.

Whole-grain rollswith tukmaria

Ingredients (20units):
3cupswhole wheat flour
1cupwheat bran
5tablespoonsof tukmaria seeds
2cupfiltered water
4tablespoonssoy milk

Mix allingredientswithoutkneadingtoo much.Shapesmallrollsandplaceina greasedand floured tray.Bakeatmedium temperatureforabout25 minutes.

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